I think that I am interested in what is both hidden and yet revealed at the same time. In both confusion and stillness. In contradiction itself.

I paint to get in touch with the inexpressible.
That moment.

I start with a desire or a need to express or
find something.

I make lots of drawings, prints and sketches in the quest to find what it is I am looking for or trying to express. The work is led by the idea and so the image and materials are often dictated, initially,
by the subject and thoughts behind it.

The paintings often become separated from the original thoughts. They become almost independent of me. They switch back and forth between formal painting issues to the thoughts that inspired them in the first place. Sometimes, once the painting is begun, I leave all thoughts behind and am caught up in the pure physical and intuitive act of painting.

Currently, my work centers on ideas of sexuality and spirituality and how the two are related.

I am also interested in how religion has affected
the attitudes of this society towards sex and how,
in contrast, other religions have affected their respective societies at a fundamental level.

In my work I try to find the most economical way of working. So for example, for the human figure, I have used the stick figure as a symbol which is enough to say 'person', 'man' or 'me', this frees me up to concentrate on other issues.

At the moment I am working with pattern, in particular damask, based on images from wallpaper and textiles. Pattern interests me because it seems to have some kind of hypnotic effect, whilst being obsessive and rooted at some kind of primal level. The damask pattern is also feminine and beautiful with almost human anatomical qualities.