It is the process of the work that is everything to me.
My sketch books are where it starts.
Then small sketches and studies.
The end result, the paintings, are somehow incidental.
And yet they are what it is all about.
Contradiction is part of me, my work.
I listen and watch out for what it is, I don't know, I need to do.
Yet, sometimes, in complete desperation, the work gets made and there is no calm.
I paint to get in touch with the inexpressible, that moment.

Exploring the human condition; where physicality meets spirituality.
And where physicality meets creativity. 
Currently, pattern interests me.
Damask, with its human, sexual, anatomical qualities.
Patterns that hypnotise and soothe the mind. Staring at wallpaper. Their primal connections.
This has led me along the road to Mandalas;
the circular patterns made during meditation (by Tibetan monks),
which are mirrored, partly and unintentionally,

by my way of working and which, in turn, feed back into my work.
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