Kathryn's practice explores themes of loss, shame, connection, and 'being female'.
She is compelled by pattern, with its sense of being the essence of who we are; the whole universe, along with its hypnotic and seductive qualities. Equally, she is drawn by human and/or ambiguous 'figures', expressed in various forms through line and symbol. These elements unite together and are used alongside pieces from the material world, such as wooden sticks or alphabet letters. Her work sometimes feels iconoclastic with a sense of a ‘surrendered’ central figure. Alphabet forms also appear as senseless language, or perhaps they are her words defeated by their inability to touch that palpable 'otherliness' of life, 
which she feels more hope of reaching as a painter. 
Kathryn works from her studio at home, with a process in which ideas are explored, researched, and developed through an array of sketchbooks and drawings, and then finally, on to the paintings. However, the results often feel like strangers to her; she doesn’t ‘recognise’ them. This contradiction seems somehow important to her work. She makes drawings and paintings mostly on paper, wood panels, and raw canvas, stretched and nailed to the wall. Her work tends to use a subdued palette of yellows, blues, greens, and pinks. The painterly, spacial grounds and linear forms sit alongside hard-edged, formal areas. Thoughts suggest materials.
Painting, she believes, allows a space in which memories, conflicts, and feelings can be explored, painted, and subsequently, subjectively ‘felt', by the viewer.
Kathryn lives on the edge of London with her teenage daughter, Bella, and their dog, Tink. 2021


Slade School of Art, London 
Postgraduate Fine Art, Painting. Higher Diploma, Bursary student 
Wimbledon School of Art, London
BA (hons) Degree in Fine Art, Painting, First Class
Reigate School of Art, Surrey
Foundation in Art, with Distinction
Groups and Exhibitions

October 2021
Lancaster Music Festival
The Paintings that Sounds Make
A video collabotaration with Sandra Beccarelli
September 2021 - March 2022
Climate Kaos
Kingston Heritage Museum Gallery 
September 2021
Open Studio
November 2020
The Auction Collective
The Autumn Auction
Curated by Francesca Wilson
More Salt in your Tears, shortlisted
Kingston Museum
Postponed 2020
Kaos Open Studio
Member of KAOS
Kingston Artist Open Studios
Gallery 53A 
Spaces, Marks & Meditation
Open studios, Kingston
After graduation:
Germinations 5, Ludvig Forum
Aachen, Germany & Budapest, Hungary
Group show, selected European young artists
Speyhawk Space, Wimbledon
Group show
Wimbledon Library, Wimbledon
Group show

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